The Killers

In a perfect world, without the existence and threat of COVID-19, I would be seeing The Killers live in Sydney next month. I would be hearing their new album ‘Imploding The Mirage’ performed in all it’s glory, whilst being captivated by Brandon Flower’s showman-like stage presence and incredible suits. I’ve seen The Killers live more than once, and hopefully I will again soon. The absence of live music in 2020 has made the world feel grey. Today, it’s hitting me harder than usual, which means it’s the perfect time to reminisce and focus on the positives. Let’s focus on The Killers.

Photography: Natalie Hannan

I first saw The Killers perform at Big Day Out in 2013. I was at the front of the mosh pit, in a huge stadium, continuously being hosed down by a kind security guard, because it was 46 DEGREES CELCIUS. How I survived a music festival in that heat, I will never know, but I’m relieved to be here to tell the tale. Ironically, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers were the BDO headliners and boy, did I look like a Red Hot Chilli Pepper by the end of the festival. That’s besides the point though.

Seeing The Killers at Big Day Out felt like an out of body experience. The moment Brandon Flowers walked out on stage, the weather changed. The wind picked up speed, cooling the crowd down and providing much needed relief. The sky became overcast as the sun set and before long, night had fallen, stars illuminated the sky and it started raining lightly.

It felt like music and the overall performance was in sync with the weather. That the music and performance was so powerful it could influence nature, along with the energy of the entire crowd who were screaming every lyric of Mr Brightside back at the band. It was worth spending the entire day feeling exhausted in 46 degree heat… and you know what? I’d do it again for The Killers, no doubt about it.

This moment is something I will cherish forever, because I believe it perfectly encapsulates the power of music, the passion us live music fans have. We will endure whatever the world throws at us to be in those electrifying environments. We feed off the energy of the crowd. We embrace the natural elements. When all of this accumulates together, it’s the perfect storm. It makes me grateful to be alive and, in that moment, I was thrilled to have The Killers providing the soundtrack to such a life changing experience.

When I saw The Killers perform again, this time at Qudos Bank Arena in 2018, it felt like coming home. Despite being seated in the nosebleeds, being closer to the ceiling of that arena than I had been in years, I still felt connected to the band. I sang every lyric, danced through the entire setlist and naturally, couldn’t stop freaking out over Brandon Flower’s suit choices.

I love The Killers entire discography, and firmly believe that their 2020 album ‘Imploding The Mirage’ is one of their best. It soars and feels like the heart and soul of The Killers, which makes the wait to hear it live even more painful. This album, combined with their unforgettable encores that always include, ‘Mr Brightside‘, ‘Somebody Told Me‘ and ‘When You Were Young‘ makes me feel like my future experiences seeing The Killers live will be just as memorable as the rest. Whether it be at a festival or on an arena tour, I’ll be front row, most likely crying, and more thankful than ever for the power of live music.

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